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Turfing and Planting in Northampton

Making your garden look beautiful can be a challenging but rewarding project. Garden design is growing in popularity as more and more people are recognising the benefits of having an attractive garden. At Eden Garden Care, we can help you to design and tend your garden, maintaining its beauty all year round. We can provide a wide range of turfing and planting services to help you to create the perfect garden!

Flower Beds

Nothing brings out the natural beauty of your garden like a flower bed. From azaleas through to zinnias, Eden Garden Care has the experience to offer expert advice on how best to implement a flower garden, and what plants would help to create the best atmosphere and that would best compliment the rest of your garden.


At Eden Garden Care, we can lay any new, natural turf in your garden. We can lay a completely new garden at your property, or we can provide our turfing expertise to replace, patch or extend an existing lawn.

Turfing and Planting in Northampton

Natural Green Spaces

We can help you to create an immediate natural green space in your garden. Natural green spaces are a highly attractive way to create a space that compliments the rest of your garden.

Hedges, Shrubberies and Trees

Hedges, shrubberies and trees are popular due to their natural beauty and their use in framing your garden or providing a background to other garden features. At Eden Garden Care, we can plant, prune and tend to any hedges, shrubberies or trees in your garden.

Tree Planting

Ever imagined planting your own young tree and watching it grow through the years? At Eden Garden Care, we can plant a young sapling in your garden and provide you with expert advice on how best to tend to the tree.

For more information on the turfing and planting services that we offer throughout Northampton and the rest of the Northamptonshire area, call us today on 07710911143 or 01604 591449, or send us a message through our contact page.

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